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The 'Heimatverein Freren' is a non-profit assosiation foundet in 1963.

The Hanoverian government built a representative official residence from 1830 to 1832, based on the model plans of the Royal Hanoverian Building Director Georg Laves under the direction of the State Building Administrator Friedrich Doeltz. It included an office building and residential buildings for the Judge and the civil servants. The district court was dissolved in 1971 and the buildings were sold. Reinhard Holzkamp was the last district judge of Freren. He acquired the district judge's house and inherited it to us in 1998, in which we are located since 2003.

Inside, there are exhibits on Freren's town history and a local library. Currently, an archive is under construction. In the annexe, there is a crafts museum with exhibits from Freren craftsmen's workshops. 

Visitors are very welcome.