History of the "Heimatverein"

After World War II, the former boarding received 200,000 DM as compensation for the takeover by the Nazi regime. Since a reopening never took place after the war, the boarding school cooperative decided to make the money available for charities in Freren.

11.000 DM became the starting capital of the Heimatverein Freren, which was founded by 15 former members of the boarding school cooperative. The Heimatverein Freren was 1963 one of the first associations of its kind in the region.

The first board of directors consisted of the first chairman Heinrich Franksmann, the second chairman Georg Siepenkort and the treasurer Georg Wintering. In the first general assembly, in February 1964, the board was extended by the secretary Bernhard Fritze.

Research, education and recreation were the declared goals of the association's founders.

Throughout its existence, the association helped to preserve the history of the town. For example, through the association's intervention, the drainage of the river Aa was prevented and the old rectory was preserved and renovated.

In 1984 the association moved into two rooms in the restored old rectory. In 1991 we moved into the former Kirchwall school. With a library equipped with more than 1,000 books and writings and a collection of craft equipment, the association was able to set up an exhibition.

After the last district judge of Freren passed away in 1998 he inherited his house to the Heimatverein Freren. Since then the house which was built between 1830 and 1832 got renovated. In 2003 the Heimatverein move into its current location. The annexe became a museum of crafts exhibiting machines and tools as well as household appliances and equipment from doctors and midwives.